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  • Tratat de contencios administrativ (Treatise on administrative litigation)

The book published in 2022 at the Universul Juridic Publishing House of the associate professor Cătălin-Silviu Săraru analyzes in detail the institution of administrative litigation. To access the contents and presentation of the Treaty on the website of the Publisher, click here.
„The fundamental aspects of administrative litigation are presented from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. In dealing with the issue of administrative litigation, I took into account the opinions expressed by the personalities who have marked this field over time, from Romanian law and comparative law, alongside which I expressed my own points of view. The notions are analyzed diachronically and comparatively highlighting evolutions, constants and values of administrative litigation in the European Administrative Space. The paper uses a rich jurisprudence to illustrate trends in the application and interpretation of legislation in the field. We also appealed to the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union, to the jurisprudence of the ECHR and to the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, to illustrate the aspects of integrating the protection of human rights in the solutions issued by the administrative litigation courts”.
Associate professor Phd. Habil.Cătălin-Silviu Săraru
In a natural continuation of the scientific research approach and from the desire to deepen the issues addressed in previous works, Cătălin-Silviu Săraru now comes before us with an administrative litigation treatise. A "strong point" of the treaty consists in the fact that the author bases his research and value judgments not only on the analysis of Romanian law, but also on that of comparative law and European Union law and, above all, on the jurisprudence of the two courts, from Strasbourg and Luxembourg. Tireless and inquisitive mind, Cătălin-Silviu Săraru passes through the filter of Romanian realities the axioms promoted by them, without taking them mimetic, as if they were dogmas, as, unfortunately, we find that it still happens in our country”.
                                                      Professor Verginia Vedinaș
Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists
President of the "Paul Negulescu" Institute of Administrative Sciences

  • Le droit administratif en Roumanie

The book was published by the French Maison D'Édition L'Harmattan in 2022. The book of professor Cătălin-Silviu Săraru aims to make accessible to the francophone world, in a concise format, the essential elements of Romanian administrative law. To access the table of contents and the presentation of the book on the website of the L'Harmattan publishing house, click here.
The author presents the doctrinal ideas, constants (principles) and variables (normative evolution) of contemporary Romanian administrative law to the French-speaking world. This aspect alone would justify the interest of the book, but the author intends to go much further stating that "the way in which administrative law is regulated in a state reflects the degree of democratization of that country, the extent to which the citizen is provided with legal guarantees for to be able to defend oneself against the abuses of public authorities". The book thus invites us to take a very broad look at the entire civilized Romanian legal system. This book will undoubtedly be a point of reference and a source of inspiration for administrative law specialists who want to know how this discipline was built and produces its effects in the Romanian legal order”.
Professor Julien CAZALA
Sorbonne Université Paris Nord

  • Current Issues in Administrative Law
The book was published in 2020 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The editor of the volume is the associate professor Cătălin-Silviu Săraru. For the presentation of the book on the Cambridge Scholars Publishing website click here. The volume was included in 2022 in Web of Science Clarivate Analytics.
  • Drept administrativ. Probleme fundamentale ale dreptului public (Administrative law. Fundamental problems of public law)
This book published in 2016 at C.H. Beck Publishing House by the associate professor Cătălin-Silviu Sararu analyzes in detail the institutions of administrative law, being the fruit of a passionate activity devoted to the research of the administrative phenomenon in the desire to find the springs of modernization of the Romanian state. Institutions of administrative law are presented both from a theoretical and practical perspective. Institutions are diachronically analyzed, highlighting developments, constant and values from the emergence of administrative law as science in the nineteenth century and up to the current challenges of European administrative law related to the development of a European Administrative Space within the European Union and administrative law globally on the adaptation of international organizations to the rapid changes of the international context. The fundamental problems of public law are presented from an empirical point of view, highlighting many aspects of jurisprudence and administrative practice exemplifying the way of interpreting and applying the provisions of the normative acts in the social reality. To access the content and presentation of the volume on the C.H. Beck Publishing House click here. The foreword of the book is signed by two reputed specialists in the field of administrative sciences: prof. dr. h. c. Ioan Alexandru, Professor Emeritus and Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, S.N.S.P.A and professor Verginia Vedinaş, associate member of the Academy of Scientists of Romania.
This book, published in 2015 at the C.H. Beck Publishing House,  is a unique occurrence in the Romanian legal literature, giving of the reader an easy tool for access to full jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court in the matter of Law no. 554/2004 commented from a critical perspective of comparative law. Author of the book is Mr. associate professor Cătălin Silviu Săraru, PhD. The jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court is an indispensable tool for applying and interpreting the provisions of Administrative Contentious Law no. 554/2004 in accordance with constitutional requirements. To access the content and presentation of the volume on the C.H. Beck Publishing House website click here. Forward of the book is signed by prof. dr. h. c. Ioan Alexandru, Professor Emeritus and Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, S.N.S.P.A and can be read here.


The volume was published in 2013 by Peter Lang – International Academic Publishers . This volume appeared with the support of the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences. The editor of this volume is Mr. lecturer Cătălin-Silviu Săraru, PhD. The volume is listed in international data bases and is found in the Library of Congress, British Library, Electre, VLB (Directory of in-print books), H.W. Wilson Cumulative Book Index, R.R. Bowker, well as in other national libraries (in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, etc.). To access the table of contents and presentation of this volume on Peter Lang Publishing House website click here.


The book was published in 2013 by C. H. Beck Publishing House.  Author of the book is Mr. lecturer Cătălin-Silviu Săraru, PhD. The book includes a number of 33 models of administrative contracts commented and explained, grouped into eight major categories: 1. Concession contracts; 2. Public procurement; 3. Contracts for the award of the use of public domain assets; 4. Public management contracts; 5. Public authorities' association; 6. Partnership Contracts; 7. Contracts on railway transport; 8. Other contracts. For each type of contract is presented first a model and then in a comment are analyzed the main contractual clauses. The paper includes the comments of the most important clauses of public law that are found in administrative contracts. At the end of the book is included a section on rules of interpretation of the clauses in administrative contracts. The book of administrative contracts. Models. Comments. Explanations is a complex work addressed to the administrative law practitioners. To access the content and presentation of the volume on the C.H. Beck Publishing House website click here.
Union of Jurists of Romania has offered the prize "Anibal Teodorescu" in 2014 to Mr. Lecturer Catalin-Silviu Săraru, Ph.D., President of the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences, for the work „Cartea de contracte administrative – modele, comentarii, explicaţii” ("The Book of administrative contracts - models, comments, explanations") published by C.H. Beck Publishing House.